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Welcome to the community for SECS and PEACE, a community for open minded people who believe in Succumbing to the need for Education in our almost Catatonic Species, as well as people who believe in Personal Enlightenment Against Constant Enigmas. Now, first of all, anyone who has a problem with the acronyms can piss off, because otherwise, it wouldn't spell anything. After all, this is a community for the open minded.
The main objective of SECS and PEACE is to be a thorn in the side of society's mental well being by oft times taking the place of the devil's advocate in order to make people see things from more than one perspective on any and all levels regarding a multitude of subjects. This is a place to discuss controversial topics of interest in an open minded and intelligent manner, a place where if you cannot teach someone else more about your point of view, hopefully you'll learn more about theirs.

For example: When confronted with a Christian, or any religious person, one would argue as "pro atheist" or agnostic, trying to force them to prove their beliefs and if confronted by an agnostic or atheist one argues as a religious type, all the while holding one's self beliefs true. And this doesn't just hold true for just organized religion, oh no! Let's say the topic is pro-choice versus pro-life. Someone may be debating with you about what a woman should or should not be allowed to do to her body if she becomes pregnant. They're pro-choice. So, as a member of SECS and PEACE you discuss with them the reasoning behind pro-life. In the end, it doesn't matter if you're pro-life or pro-choice, the real discussion is about whether or not someone is pro-abortion.
The goal of our community is to have a smart and orderly conversation [argument] in any setting. You're not trying to change anyone else's point of view, you just want to get multiple and different points of view across. The world isn't black and white, so your perception of what's going on in it shouldn't be, either.

Members should be open minded, well read, and ready to discuss any and all controversial topics at any moment. As moderator, I will occasionally post topics [rants] for discussion, and hopefully as the members list grows, you will as well.

Join us. Have SECS. Find PEACE.

Members will be banned and comments will be deleted if I feel for any reason you aren't properly upholding the policies set forth by this community. That's called abuse of power, and I love it. I don't want to really call them "rules", because too many communities are pompous assholes about that sort of thing, but let me say that there are certain guidelines we prefer that you adhere to:

1. When presenting a topic to the board, be sure to have all your details ready in your full post, even if you're not speaking for or against what you're posting about and just want to get other users opinions on the matter.

2. Use LJ Cuts. If you don't know how, go learn. You know if your post is going to be pages long or not, and you also know that no one wants to scroll through that again and again when they go back and check their Friend's List. So please... cut every once in a while.

3. You're not here to insult other users in any comment or post, because it will not be tolerated. If they spell like a two-year-old or say something stupid, giggle to yourself, present an argument of your own to them and keep the wisecracks to yourself. You should have learned that in Junior High.

4. Speaking of spelling... I know I just said to not make fun of anyone else's spelling, but just so we can keep those incidents to a minimum, use correct grammar, okay? None of that "leet" speak or "TXT" language. I understand spelling errors happen, but "U" is not a proper pronoun. "Your" and "you're" are two very different words and mean different things. That's something else you should have learned in Junior High.

5. Be honest. Not just with us, with yourself. If you're lying to yourself about how you feel and you say something based purely on popular opinion, then you're nothing but a sellout and a whore.

6. Don't expect any political correctness here. While you're not allowed to insult any other user directly, you're more than welcome to say ANYthing you want about any race, religion, creed, sexuality or gender as long as it is a part of your rant or argument [blatant hate speeches won't be allowed]. When you're making said argument, you're allowed to attack the person, the situation, and whatever else surrounds them.

7. In a community like this, people are going to disagree, and that's fine, in fact, that's great, it's actually encouraged. We're fairly tolerant of that, but we're not tolerant of flaming, trolling, or attacking posters because you don't approve of what they're writing. If you do this, you'll be warned or immediately banned, depending on how much of an asshole you're being.

8. The other thing that will get you banned is deleting other people's comments. Don't do it. It's not your job, you're not the moderator, I am. If someone is breaking the rules, contact me so I can deal with it. If it's urgent that a comment be removed (if it contains like, explicitly graphic photos or someone's personal information, for example), screen it and then contact me. The only exception to this is anonymous posters who leave behind spam. I have it set so registered users can post and reply only, but I've seen communities where `bots get in from time to time. If someone else doesn't get it, trust me, I will.