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This is my first WeezeL Brand Movie Review that I've ever put into SECS and PEACE, but I'm sure you'll see why in a second.
Un takka do Jabba now...

8/13/10; 3:41 PM
WeezeL Brand Movie Review: Bill Maher's Religulous

So, Brian brought me a couple of movies over on his flash drive, and this was one of them. Now, while I agree with Maher that most major world religions are kind of a crock full of sensationalist ideas that way too many people simply follow blindly (much like politics), I certainly don't agree with his presentation of the material during the course of the film.
He starts by saying that he's half Jew and whatever us non-Jews are. Why the fuck're Jews considered a different race? Anyways. Says his dad was Catholic, his mom was a Jew, and he and his sister were raised Catholic until age thirteen. And he really tears a new asshole in Christianity, some of the usual old arguments, some new ones I;ve never really heard before... some people argue their point well, some people like a trucker at a roadside church and a Senator from Arkansas can barely form sentences.
He asks the usual questions, How do we know Jesus existed? Why is homosexuality bad? Where does evolution fit? And of course, if God is a loving God, why send sinners to Hell or even let bad things happen at all?
He doesn't just ask Christians or Christian leaders these questions though, he asks everyday people, Jewish Rabbis, Muslim leaders, scientists, and ex-members of the Mormon Church.

The real problem is that Bill Maher is a Negative Nancy, he didn't work on this documentary with the optimism to FUCKING LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE'S IDEAS. He doesn't believe in Faith, so all of these people's FAITH means NOTHING to him. He takes it and belittles it to their face.
I could tell Maher, Yeah, uhm... I guess I'd be called "Christian." I believe in God, or at least a God. I suppose Jesus is the savior, I mean, he was a prophet, but before him there was Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, and after there was at least Muhammad. So I'm sure if you believe in a prophet and a God and live a good life, yeah, you'll get to Heaven or whatever there is.
That asshole'd laugh in my face. Fuck him.
Almost all he presents to the viewer is negative imagery (seriously, 98% of the film). He doesn't show the plenty of Christians in the world who DO believe in God and perhaps even that evolution is real and gays and lesbians can get married and that the Bible is an awesome book but not entirely factual. He doesn't show the Jews that don't eat Kosher and actually do stuff on Saturday and don't wear a yarmulke. He doesn't show the Muslims, who mostly live by strict codes, don't turn East every day to pray and don't hate white people or America. He doesn't show Mormons who, yes, live by some pretty strict codes and the basis of their faith is a bit strange to say the least, they live insanely happy lives based on the fact they HAVE FAITH in God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I don't care what you believe. You can believe in the goddamn ridiculous Flying Spaghetti Monster for all I give a shit. But Bill Maher, that fucking asshole, that fucking Anti-Lewis Black motherfucker, he made a film where he does his best to denounce and trump everything any of us have ever put our faith in. God, Jesus, Muhammad, Allah, Santa Claus... all of it, defeated and then followed by sensational images of war, torture, and suicide bombings... kinda like a brainwashing video. "Hey kids! Look at all the WONDERFUL things Religion has given us! War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death! STARE INTO THE EYES OF CHAOS AND ANARCHY AND CHOOSE YOUR RELIGION."
Sure, those things are ongoing occurrences. They've been ongoing since, oh... 0 AD? Actually before that, yeah. Conquer a land, instill your religion. It's nothing new, Bill. Get over yourself.

I give Religulous 3 out of 10 Sky Cakes. It's worth watching, maybe worth keeping around on download. I mean, hey! It made me laugh but still, it's nothing to take to heart. Don't let this shithead tell you not to have your Sky Cake or Sky Cookies or Sky Baklava or whatever you want.
Oh, Sky Cake... why are you so delicious?

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