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Don't get me wrong, I like boobs

For about three or four weeks now, World Wrestling Entertainment (the WWE) has been using pink ring ropes and pink stage lighting, and has been advertising for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. They started in late September and will continue through October, because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

But why not just "Cancer Awareness Month?"

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was started in 1982 by Nancy Brinker, Komen's younger sister. Komen died of breast cancer and she wanted people to be aware of the problems women faced with such a horrible disease.

And it is a horrible disease. Cancer. 

Sure, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, followed by lung, prostate and colons. We all have lungs and colons, and men want to protect our prostates. All of those types of cancers kill people, and they all cause hurt and trauma to the families and personal horror to the people they infect (for lack of a better term).
Am I saying that the WWE or the Komen for the Cure are doing a bad thing? Hell no. But I personally believe that people everywhere should, in general, stop wearing pink ribbons and stop saying, "We need to find a cure for breast cancer," and just say "We need to find a cure for cancer."

Is there a cure? 
No, not yet
If you read that (which I hope you did), it talks about dichloroacetic acid. You can Google it, you can Wiki it, do whatever you like, here's the skinny: DCA makes tumor cells commit suicide. They can't regenerate... howeverthefuck they do that to begin with... and then they just collapse in on themselves like wilting flowers and die. However it apparently doesn't work on brain tumors, AND something that link doesn't say is that high doses and prolonged exposure, like, three years or more can up the risk for liver cancer. Why? Because your liver is cleaning out toxins and DCA has a chemical in it that is kind of carcinogenic. Imagine that, killing cancer with carcinogens. Irony. 

But, still on point, it's still cheaper than chemotherapy and would do less damage to your body. I don't have evidence of this, but I bring up the case of my former mother-in-law.
While it is true that my ex-wife and I are no longer friendly, the fact remains that I enjoyed my time with her and her mom. When her mother got colon cancer, the family was ripped to shreds. After having it just a time or two, I watched that woman deny any further chemotherapy, simply because she would much rather be at home and on vacation and happy than in a hospital and in pain. If I had known about DCA treatments then, you had better believe I would have suggested them, because, ex-wife or not, no one deserves to lose a parent or a friend or a spouse or a child or a brother or a sister, not before their time and especially not to some god damned disease that could have been treated better, detected earlier, and taken care of for good. 

I'm not a woman. I can't relate to the unadulterated pain of losing my breasts. If I had testicular cancer, even, the stigma would still be different... you know why Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven fucking times? It's 'cause he had to prove to himself he was still a man and had balls. 
Still, I don't believe we should wear pink ribbons or pink rubber band bracelets to support the cure for just one type of cancer, we should try and stop them all. I don't know what other charities there are and I don't know which ones "we" should be donating to... I have no idea how much of their money actually goes to scientific research? 
But if you know and want to make a difference, say so. Post a reply here and share this with everyone you know, friends, family, Facebook, so we can spread the word that cancer isn't just about tits and it's certainly not about t-shirts or wrestling ads or wristbands or any other fucking piece of apparel... it's about all of us and our whole bodies, and what can possibly happen, whether or not you eat healthy or if you smoke or not or if you jog a mile every day.

Shit happens. Let's find a cure. 
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