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Marshall Arts

I didn't notice what the date was until last night

. . . And even then, I didn't care, really. I only needed to know so I would know what date to enter into YouTube so I could try and find an uploaded copy of last night's Monday Night RAW. But I wake up today and see at least a dozen posts on Facebook talking about "Where I was" and "What I was doing" eleven years ago.

That's fine. The World Trade Center attacks aren't something that needs to be forgotten. But just as much as the innocent lives lost on that day, we need to understand how much the terrorists actually hurt us as a country. 
We went to war, two wars, wars that have raised our national debt and not to mention our fucking gas prices. Yes, we've caught and killed Osama bin Laden, but people all over the country are still afraid of Muslims for no other reason than they think that they're "evil" for some reason, perhaps because they call God "Allah" and instead of praising Jesus they praise Mohammed. Well news for you folks, roughly 30% of the nation doesn't praise Jesus, man. Get with the times. 
Another amazing thing we've gotten from the terrorists is fear. Fear of not just the possibility of another attack ever, but of ourselves. The Bush administration opened the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp specifically outside of the US borders so as to use methods beyond the protections of the Geneva Conventions. President Obama Extended the PATRIOT Act (look it up if you really wanna know) and for all the cool shit he's done, yeah, he did that and he still hasn't closed Guantanmo nor has he fully removed troops from Iraq or Afgahnistan. 
Finally, and probably most importantly, we got the US Department of Homeland Security. Should we have a Department of Homeland Security? Yeah, probably, in some way, form, or fashion. But they have spent... God knows how many trillions of dollars in the past eleven years... and it's been on trying to keep illegals out (meaning Mexicans and Muslims) and trying to slow you down at the airport (meaning fucking up our international travel system). 

We had been attacked as a nation before. We didn't fuck around, we got back to work, we rebuilt Washington, we rebuilt Hawaii, we did it fast. We didn't dick around with politics. The god damned Freedom Tower still won't be finished for another year. It's been ELEVEN FUCKING YEARS. They didn't start construction on it until 2006. 

Penn & Teller were right, and that episode was from 2005, I think, Just rebuild the towers the way they were. It's a giant "Fuck You" to any terrorist that would want to try and fuck with us. They might have put several big nails in our sides, but god damn it... it's time we moved on. There's a World Trade Center Memorial, there's Memorial Day... there's no reason to try and remember where you were or what you were doing every September 11th. 
We all know what happened. 
The fact is that through every fuck up, America can heal itself. We can get rid of these bullshit, propoganda laws and acts of Congress that want to know where we are and what we're doing all the fuck time, we can get back to being a free country again... well. As free as we had been. Hopefully we'll free some new things up, some new free-thinkers might come around and start running for office somewhere. I'd hope so since all these old fuckers are ruining it for us so badly, I'm not sure it looks like I'd want my daughter living here in the next thirty years. 

Shitty Government is the real terrorist. Don't let the terrorists win. 
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