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I don't like discussing politics on Facebook, it's worse than sex chat (because they both give you something to do but in the end, you're just an idiot holding your dick). 
But then I found this picture:

Seriously? There's some in here that I agree with, but most I don't.
Barack gone? No.
Our borders? They're ALREADY closed. If you're a foreigner, you have to have a work visa or green card to be here. People just don't want Latinos to get in and take jobs and they specifically want Mexicans out (Canadians don't want in America). Also, if you were to build a "wall" or something? They'd still get over it. Not to mention, if we closed our borders? Where would our electronics come from? Idiots. 
English? Yes. We all want to speak English, we don't like having to press the extra button at the ATM to continue in English and we hate having to deal with outsourced call centers that speak Indian or whatever as their first language. But guess the fuck what? If we don't diversify with the rest of the fucking world, we will die as a god damned nation. 
And while I think that, yes, there should be some kind of drug screening process before you receive Food Stamps, Welfare, or any other government assistance program, it's a violation of the Fourth Amendment which guards against unreasonable search and seizure. The excuse that it would be "mandatory" as a part of the government assistance programs is like a dues ex machina, a cheap out by politicians. 

Too many Americans don't want to listen to the facts about their politicians, don't want to do any research, they just go on what the TV tells them.  
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