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Men, Women, Physicality, and Religious & Moral Ethics

In another forum that I follow on a different website, someone posted this video, which was originally posted (at least on YouTube) back in March:

First and foremost, we're only focusing on the wrestling aspect and not the bullying bullshit. That's a rant for another time. Secondly, the first time I watched this, I believed that this was a Regional Final and these two were competing for who was going to go on to the State Championships. Instead, I see that this is the State Championships, an even bigger event.
Finally, I didn't necessarily want to talk about religion. As I repost some of my comments, and the comments from the other people in the thread responding to me, it was brought up. I'm sure it has a place here; after all, the news story mentions it. But I would have rather left it out. The story is about competition between a male and a female, not the kid's religious practices.
If you want me to make specific mention of that right now, as in more than I do in the comments? Okay. He's a Pentecostal Christian which means he believes in speaking in tongues, reverends being able to cure cancer, and even prophecy. That's how stupid this boy is. I have faith in God, Jesus, and even miracles, but fuckin' a.

So, I'm going to post for you my comments that I put in this thread as well as some of the replies to me and then I would like to hear your thoughts on the situation. Note that all names (beside mine) have been changed.
Let's Get Ready to Rumble
WeezeL365: 1 day ago
Girls in wrestling is not uncommon. You can look anywhere on YouTube and see it and it's been popular for a while and it started a long time ago. I joined the wrestling team in highschool and was kicked off the first day for dropping an elbow on a guy (WTF did I know?). One of my friends who joined with me was kicked off the team about two weeks later for refusing to do laps because she was on her period and cramping like a motherfucker. Regardless, she made it further than I did.

This young lady has worked her ass off to defeat everyone else in her region and was ready to face one final opponent and go to State.
This young boy had worked his ass off to defeat everyone else in his region and was ready to face one final opponent and go to State.
She saw yet another boy and was preparing herself for the challenge. He saw... what the fuck? The girl made it? I can't wrestle her!
Why not?
Because if he wins he thinks he shames himself by beating up a girl and getting a cheap win... and if he loses, he thinks he shames himself by losing to a girl.

Of course this idiot doesn't realize that this one girl is the fucking best in their Tri-County Area or whatever and that's why she's at regionals to begin with. She's beaten DOZENS of other boys, and probably one, maybe as many as TWO other girls as well. She's the best in your area and if you defeat her, you will INSPIRE her to be better.

Instead you and your idiot father throw in the towel.

Women have to try harder than men to compete on the same level in any sport. It's the reason things like "softball" and "women's basketball" were invented. But you go to many towns, highschools, colleges... not all of them praise the football team. Their signs are all about the girl's varsity State Champion Softball team five years running. Meanwhile, the male athletic clubs haven't had winning seasons in years.
Believe me when I say that my daughter will be taught all of my knowledge about martial arts and wrestling, and she'll be damned sure to emasculate any boy who pussies out and tries to forfeit and walk away from a fair competition, simply because she is a girl.

  • [That Douche Over There]: 1 day ago
    @ WeezeL365 - Just because you disagree with the kid and his parents that doesn't automatically make you right and them idiots.
    I think you need to tone down your rhetoric and take a breath. Then think about the issue from all sides.
    The kid comes from a religious family. It's their right to be religious, even if you (and I) might happen to think that's a little, or a lot, old fashioned. It's also the kid's right to withdraw if he wants for whatever reason he wants, whether you (and I) disagree with his reasons or not.
    Now, to get away from this particular kid for a moment and discuss sports in a broader scope. Most sports are a combination of athleticism and skill and, regardless of how athletic and skilled a female in a particular sport might be, they are simply not likely to be able to compete against men at the highest levels. It's a fact whether you disagree or not. Yes, in this particular case the girl was good enough to win in her region. I'm not discounting that she is / was a talented wrestler. But look at university-level sports. Or Olympic-level sports. Or professional-level sports. Pick ANY sport that requires a high degree of athleticism (i.e. golf would not qualify) and there are literally no women who are able to compete with the men at these levels. Allow me to use the 100m dash as one example. The current men's world record is 9.58 seconds. The current women's world record is 10.49 seconds. In the 2008 Olympics, during the final heat, the slowest guy in the field still ran the 100m in 10.03 seconds. So even the slowest guy still beat the fastest woman ever by almost half a second.
    Anyhow, I don't want you to burst a blood vessel, because I actually love female athletes. I want them to be able to compete at the highest levels. But the simple truth is that the highest level for even the best female athletes is NOT the same level as men who are competing at the highest level. And that's pretty much the end of that discussion.

  • WeezeL365: 1 day ago
    You COMPLETELY missed the motherfucking point, dude.

    Women are not meant to compete with men. They are not built the same. That's why I went out of my way to say that this girl went overboard to make sure she was the best she could be, better prepared than boys, more athletic than other girls, and as well trained as possible, most likely forsaking all else, sacrifices that takes TIME and MONEY, time that she could be teeny bopping at the mall, watching MTV, becoming a cheerleader or something "traditional", going to parties, experimenting behind the bleachers, or following the "in" crowd, sitting on a couch applying lip gloss, being a follower and just agreeing with guys hoping to be considered as the "chick" they hang out with for a week.
    But she didn't. She had a goal and fucking stuck to it, no matter what anyone told her, no matter what societal norms were.
    There's no doubt that because nature has made us so, there comes a point when the majority of males will continue to grow and develop muscle mass in areas where females will not. What they choose to do with that (tone it and use it or let it wither while they become obese assholes) is up to them, but you cannot deny that this was, for all intents and purposes, a FAIR COMPETITION. The religion and beliefs of the boy and his family are inconsequential. If they truly cared about competition and the SPORT of wrestling, they would have went through with this match and given this girl a fair match.

    They could have won. They could have went to State. They chose not to because the boy and his father are meatheads, afraid that if they won, they "only beat a girl," and if they lost, they "lost to a girl."
    Instead, they forfeited, losing without trying... and they are the biggest god damned fucking losers I have ever seen.

    That's about where people started throwing more and more religious lines at me, because I said it was "inconsequential." Perhaps I egged them on in a way, I dunno. Regardless, I would end up going on for a while if I had to show you all of it. My basic argument was that I didn't know any good Christian who didn't skip church to watch a race or a football game or didn't yell "GOD DAMN IT!" when their team missed a play, and their religious arguments hold even less water than mine because none of us personally know that boy and his family.

    If you're an athlete, you're supposed to compete. He robbed himself of a match, of a possible victory, and he also robbed that girl, who is, by the way never mentioned by name. But she went on to more victories and he did not, yet he's the one covered in television exposure for the time being.
    That girl is a hero. No one should give a shit about that boy.
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