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I think I need to preface this...

. . . I think we all know that I'm a Devil's Advocate and like to argue with people, sometimes just for the sake of arguing. That's one of the bigger points of SECS and PEACE, to spur debate.
Sometimes I got too far, sometimes I make the wrong decisions on which side of the debate I choose... making a few mistakes but still doing my best to stay true to my own beliefs, if not bending them a little just for the sake of argument. I don't choose wisely always, and yet I'm committed.
Regardless, I've been in a couple of arguments lately as well as seeing a couple of YouTube videos, I've gotten a little pissed off at Christians. What exactly did they all talk about to get me so riled?


Now, I believe in God and miracles and things like that. I mean, I am having a child, after all... that's a fuckin' miracle.
But what I don't believe in is blind faith. My "Christianity" has evolved over the years since I found God and accepted Jesus. Not to say that what I think is "right" or "perfect," just that I know that you can read the Bible and see immediately that it's full of bullshit and roughly 95% of what's in the Bible has absolutely NO relevance in today's society.
This is where most people would quote some laws from Leviticus, but I don't have that kind of time.

Now, homosexuality has been up and down in the public media but in politics, it just won't go a-fuckin'way. One thing leads to another and the last HUGE thing was "Prop 8" and because it was overturned, the LGBT community went on a fucking rampage across the country and indeed, the world.
With the LGBT community going on their rampage and letting people know just how cool it is to be gay and that it's perfectly fine to be gay and that they should have all the same rights, celebrities came out to support them, whether they were gay or straight, so that made it even cooler. That led to a bunch of teens coming out of the closet. Once they came out, they wanted to go to prom with members of their same sex. They also started getting bullied. Some of them got bullied enough that they killed themselves and then came the "It Gets Better Project (but that's another rant)."

At this point, I HIGHLY encourage you to click and go read those previous SECS and PEACE articles in case you haven't before as both of them have relevance to the topics at hand. Don't worry, I'll wait.

So, now... that some of the roller coaster has come down from the It Gets Better Project and politicians have to try and keep gay voters on their side, President Obama gave explicit instructions to the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act in any court cases, a huge mark in the "WIN" category for LGBT people all over the country, including a case filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of one Ms. Edie Windsor.
Let me explain first what the Defense of Marriage Act is. DOMA is a Federal Law signed into effect by President Clinton in September '96 stating that no state is required to recognize a same-sex relationship considered a marriage by another state. So like, if you and your life partner got married in Connecticut or wherever, when you come back home Kentucky and realize you're the only gay people in the county, not only does the state not recognize you as a legally married couple, but all your neighbors hate you.
The Act is in direct opposition to The Full Faith and Credit Clause. To be brief, the Clause states that any law or judgment passed on individuals in one state are to be recognized in all other states. As in, you murder someone in Wyoming, you cannot run away to Montana to become declared innocent.

Now, President Obama (smart motherfucker that he is) has declared that parts of the DOMA are unconstitutional and people like Edie are getting their marriages consolidated (for lack of a better term).
Now that Homosexuals are getting.. OH MY GOD... having their CIVIL RIGHTS j-j-just HANDED to them, like they're REAL PEOPLE?!?! Well the right wing Christian radicals are going fuckin' nuts. Because faggots and dykes don't DESERVE to have love and marriage and happiness like you and me. Because my marriage that lasted less than two whole years was DEFINITELY the epitome of the work of God and certainly two homosexuals could not do better.


Now, as I well know, not all Christians or even believers of God are lumped into the same group. Many of them jumped to the forefront asking things about why Charlie Sheen can have a "porn family," Tiger Woods and his adultery, Britney Spear's 55 hour marriage, the fact that everyone loves them, but it's gay marriage that's going to "destroy the institute of marriage."
Almost immediately, these Christians were labeled idiots and even worse to the Right Wing Republican Christians, they were labeled LIBERALS, sometimes by their own fuckin' friends. These right wingers aren't used to arguing with educated people who also believe in God so the arguments get a little convoluted... usually it's the religious pro-God argument vs the scientific Atheist argument. The loudest members of these shouting matches have
A: Gotten their religion from their professors
B: Gotten their science from their pastors
. . .And that shit just doesn't work, especially not in this case because we're talking about we're talking about laws and human rights in the United States. The same kinds of laws that once applied to black men, to women, to interracial marriages... and now to homosexual marriages. And sometimes, when it comes to Civil God Damned Rights? I get pissed off.

To paraphrase Gandalf and Magneto, PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE, GET OVER IT.
I'm bisexual and I give no fucks. I don't feel like telling my parents that, but if they were to read this and find out, I don't care anymore. I have an ex-wife and despite my earlier joke, we had a damn good marriage for three years and six months of our relationship. Now, I have a beautiful girlfriend and a baby on the way and I couldn't be happier with my life. We have several friends who are either themselves bisexual, gay, lesbian, or have what some people consider "unconventional" marriages and relationships.
Are they ruining America? Not at all.
They're the FUTURE of America.
They're the ones who will instill correct manners and proper moral principles in their children, the same as Liz and I will try to do, that you shouldn't judge people based on what color they are or what religion they are or what sex they are. You should come up with your own decision based on your own opinion because you try to get to know them... at least a little.

If you believe in any of these principles? That people should have the same basic rights? Then show this link to as many motherfuckers as you can. Spread the word and start treating people right, no matter who the shit they are.
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