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Boom De Yada
I started SECS and PEACE with the vision that it would become a place for people to come and share their opinions on a myriad of topics and I would play Devil's Advocate because I like to argue, and hopefully people would see more than one side of a controversial topic and open their eyes to others' opinions.

But nobody cared.

And that seems to be the MO for the United States these days. A fire starts and everyone runs to the fire and everyone YELLS at it and YELLS at each other and stand around and don't really do anything about the actually raging inferno until it dies down to some burning embers and everyone kind of forgets it was there and they leave. The embers ever-so-slowly burn their way along the dry grass of the American Heartland to the next pile of fuel soaked rags and OH FUCK ANOTHER INFERNO and everyone runs to it and look at each other and says "I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU DIDN'T DO SOMETHING!!!" and then they blame everything from dry grass to gasoline to piles of rags but not the fact they never decided to put out the original fires to begin with.

Because nobody cares to. It's too hard, or they don't know how.

And that's how it is with every American tragedy, most recently a mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando, FL. And I've seen memes and news reports and tweets and retweets aplenty. But none of them seem to be addressing probably the biggest problem: Why?
Why does it keep happening?
It's not because of gun control, it's not because of Islam, it's not because of gays... it's because of people.
For so long, we've raised people to believe that problems can be solved with murder, whether it's the death penalty or war or killing someone you don't like. The fact is that it's just not true.
Let me pause and say, that for a long, long time, I was a supporter of capital punishment. To a certain extent, I still am. But it's a fact: the death penalty does nothing, NOTHING, to deter future capital crimes, or any crimes at all (PS - Rape, sexual abuse, and child molestation are not capital crimes. PPS - Why the fuck not?).
Murders, and indeed all crime, is caused because of three reasons: Profit, Passion, or Compulsion. A person who commits a crime for profit has weighed the positives against the negatives and acts judiciously, as to not get caught. In their mind, they know they have taken all the steps to avoid the law. A person who commits a crime of passion is so caught up in their emotion, there is no deterrent strong enough to make them think logically about the outcomes. A person who commits a crime of compulsion is just that, compelled to the thing, whatever that is, and nothing can stop them. Not the threat of jail or death or even God.

I'm sure there are many variables and combinations in these three, though. I'm sure Omar Mateen, with his professed allegiance to both Al Quieda and ISIS, committed a crime of compulsion mixed with a little bit of profit and passion on the side.
But this one guy isn't the problem. There's been mass shootings, like, every fucking week for two years, it seems like.
And guns aren't the problem, either. He got his guns legally and I've heard the 2nd Amendment argument and I've even heard that "the right to bear arms" could mean any arms such as swords and pitchforks and the government could easily take away our guns because we could still "arm" ourselves.
It's not even a mental health problem, despite the fact that these people... these shooters... are sociopaths, and think it's okay to do away with what they don't like through violence.

It's the problem of the rest of society. Of you and me. Because we let it happen. Because we never stopped it and now we don't know how, and if we think we do, it's not something everyone can agree on anymore, so no parts of government can agree with us or get us to agree with them, and they certainly can't agree with each other, because The Government and The Media aren't some mythical beasts out roaming the wilds, they're people, parts of society with opinions and assholes just like the rest of us.

We can't keep blaming the matches. We can't keep blaming the firemen.
We can only hope that somehow, the next fire isn't so big that we can't teach the next generation how to put it out.
2nd-Oct-2012 04:01 am - Don't get me wrong, I like boobs

For about three or four weeks now, World Wrestling Entertainment (the WWE) has been using pink ring ropes and pink stage lighting, and has been advertising for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. They started in late September and will continue through October, because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

But why not just "Cancer Awareness Month?"

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. . . And even then, I didn't care, really. I only needed to know so I would know what date to enter into YouTube so I could try and find an uploaded copy of last night's Monday Night RAW. But I wake up today and see at least a dozen posts on Facebook talking about "Where I was" and "What I was doing" eleven years ago.

That's fine. The World Trade Center attacks aren't something that needs to be forgotten. But just as much as the innocent lives lost on that day, we need to understand how much the terrorists actually hurt us as a country. 
We went to war, two wars, wars that have raised our national debt and not to mention our fucking gas prices. Yes, we've caught and killed Osama bin Laden, but people all over the country are still afraid of Muslims for no other reason than they think that they're "evil" for some reason, perhaps because they call God "Allah" and instead of praising Jesus they praise Mohammed. Well news for you folks, roughly 30% of the nation doesn't praise Jesus, man. Get with the times. 
Another amazing thing we've gotten from the terrorists is fear. Fear of not just the possibility of another attack ever, but of ourselves. The Bush administration opened the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp specifically outside of the US borders so as to use methods beyond the protections of the Geneva Conventions. President Obama Extended the PATRIOT Act (look it up if you really wanna know) and for all the cool shit he's done, yeah, he did that and he still hasn't closed Guantanmo nor has he fully removed troops from Iraq or Afgahnistan. 
Finally, and probably most importantly, we got the US Department of Homeland Security. Should we have a Department of Homeland Security? Yeah, probably, in some way, form, or fashion. But they have spent... God knows how many trillions of dollars in the past eleven years... and it's been on trying to keep illegals out (meaning Mexicans and Muslims) and trying to slow you down at the airport (meaning fucking up our international travel system). 

We had been attacked as a nation before. We didn't fuck around, we got back to work, we rebuilt Washington, we rebuilt Hawaii, we did it fast. We didn't dick around with politics. The god damned Freedom Tower still won't be finished for another year. It's been ELEVEN FUCKING YEARS. They didn't start construction on it until 2006. 

Penn & Teller were right, and that episode was from 2005, I think, Just rebuild the towers the way they were. It's a giant "Fuck You" to any terrorist that would want to try and fuck with us. They might have put several big nails in our sides, but god damn it... it's time we moved on. There's a World Trade Center Memorial, there's Memorial Day... there's no reason to try and remember where you were or what you were doing every September 11th. 
We all know what happened. 
The fact is that through every fuck up, America can heal itself. We can get rid of these bullshit, propoganda laws and acts of Congress that want to know where we are and what we're doing all the fuck time, we can get back to being a free country again... well. As free as we had been. Hopefully we'll free some new things up, some new free-thinkers might come around and start running for office somewhere. I'd hope so since all these old fuckers are ruining it for us so badly, I'm not sure it looks like I'd want my daughter living here in the next thirty years. 

Shitty Government is the real terrorist. Don't let the terrorists win. 
16th-Jun-2012 10:56 pm - Politics
I don't like discussing politics on Facebook, it's worse than sex chat (because they both give you something to do but in the end, you're just an idiot holding your dick). 
But then I found this picture:


Seriously? There's some in here that I agree with, but most I don't.
Barack gone? No.
Our borders? They're ALREADY closed. If you're a foreigner, you have to have a work visa or green card to be here. People just don't want Latinos to get in and take jobs and they specifically want Mexicans out (Canadians don't want in America). Also, if you were to build a "wall" or something? They'd still get over it. Not to mention, if we closed our borders? Where would our electronics come from? Idiots. 
English? Yes. We all want to speak English, we don't like having to press the extra button at the ATM to continue in English and we hate having to deal with outsourced call centers that speak Indian or whatever as their first language. But guess the fuck what? If we don't diversify with the rest of the fucking world, we will die as a god damned nation. 
And while I think that, yes, there should be some kind of drug screening process before you receive Food Stamps, Welfare, or any other government assistance program, it's a violation of the Fourth Amendment which guards against unreasonable search and seizure. The excuse that it would be "mandatory" as a part of the government assistance programs is like a dues ex machina, a cheap out by politicians. 

Too many Americans don't want to listen to the facts about their politicians, don't want to do any research, they just go on what the TV tells them.  
Barack: http://2012election.procon.org/view.source.election.php?sourceID=11134
Romney: http://2012election.procon.org/view.source.election.php?sourceID=11142
Ace Cutter
In another forum that I follow on a different website, someone posted this video, which was originally posted (at least on YouTube) back in March:

First and foremost, we're only focusing on the wrestling aspect and not the bullying bullshit. That's a rant for another time. Secondly, the first time I watched this, I believed that this was a Regional Final and these two were competing for who was going to go on to the State Championships. Instead, I see that this is the State Championships, an even bigger event.
Finally, I didn't necessarily want to talk about religion. As I repost some of my comments, and the comments from the other people in the thread responding to me, it was brought up. I'm sure it has a place here; after all, the news story mentions it. But I would have rather left it out. The story is about competition between a male and a female, not the kid's religious practices.
If you want me to make specific mention of that right now, as in more than I do in the comments? Okay. He's a Pentecostal Christian which means he believes in speaking in tongues, reverends being able to cure cancer, and even prophecy. That's how stupid this boy is. I have faith in God, Jesus, and even miracles, but fuckin' a.

So, I'm going to post for you my comments that I put in this thread as well as some of the replies to me and then I would like to hear your thoughts on the situation. Note that all names (beside mine) have been changed.
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14th-May-2011 10:43 pm - Second Hand Suck
I can't believe that there aren't bigger things to worry about. Things like, oh, I dunno? Crime, education, Ke$ha... you know, topics that have an impact on today's society.
But no. I make a post in my personal journal that is a response to LiveJournal's Writer's Block question about smoking, and people start jumping down my throat... some people I don't even know.

Now, in my journal I said that there's NO REASON WHATSOEVER for smoking on public streets to be banned because it's a public place. If we're in public and I don't like it? I'll get away from it. If we're at my apartment? Go outside. If we're at your house? It's your place, do what you want to. If we're in a bar and they allow smoking? Go ahead, I don't care. I can put Febreeze on my jacket later.
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16th-Mar-2011 02:54 pm - I think I need to preface this...
. . . I think we all know that I'm a Devil's Advocate and like to argue with people, sometimes just for the sake of arguing. That's one of the bigger points of SECS and PEACE, to spur debate.
Sometimes I got too far, sometimes I make the wrong decisions on which side of the debate I choose... making a few mistakes but still doing my best to stay true to my own beliefs, if not bending them a little just for the sake of argument. I don't choose wisely always, and yet I'm committed.
Regardless, I've been in a couple of arguments lately as well as seeing a couple of YouTube videos, I've gotten a little pissed off at Christians. What exactly did they all talk about to get me so riled?

Queers.Collapse )
Alright, calm down. I'm just trying to get a rise out of you. I'm 100% pro gay marriage... just the thought of having a man around the house...

. . . By the way, those are jokes by Daniel Tosh. I'm here to be serious. Mostly. I'm gonna talk about racism and sexism and probably several other -isms before I'm done, so I know that I need to approach the -isms slowly and gently, kind of like anal sex.


So, anyone who knows me knows that I try not to pull any punches. I don't like to bullshit people. I try to, as often as possible, do and say what I feel like whenever I feel like. Over the last couple of years I've learned to curb my tongue when the occasion would be more beneficial to me later... and on occasion beneficial to others as well. But like always, I try not to curse in front of children or little old ladies. Unless they deserve it.
So based on that ideal, I don't believe in the power of words to hurt people. Well, that's not true. People have told me "I wish I had never met you," and those words hurt me to my very soul, but they could call me poor or white-trash all day long and it wouldn't mean a thing. Ergo, I don't believe that any of those so-called "slurs" in my icon there? I don't believe they should mean anything to anyone besides what I like to call "Playground Insults."
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16th-Aug-2010 05:14 pm(no subject)
This is my first WeezeL Brand Movie Review that I've ever put into SECS and PEACE, but I'm sure you'll see why in a second.
Un takka do Jabba now...

8/13/10; 3:41 PM
WeezeL Brand Movie Review: Bill Maher's Religulous

So, Brian brought me a couple of movies over on his flash drive, and this was one of them. Now, while I agree with Maher that most major world religions are kind of a crock full of sensationalist ideas that way too many people simply follow blindly (much like politics), I certainly don't agree with his presentation of the material during the course of the film.
He starts by saying that he's half Jew and whatever us non-Jews are. Why the fuck're Jews considered a different race? Anyways. Says his dad was Catholic, his mom was a Jew, and he and his sister were raised Catholic until age thirteen. And he really tears a new asshole in Christianity, some of the usual old arguments, some new ones I;ve never really heard before... some people argue their point well, some people like a trucker at a roadside church and a Senator from Arkansas can barely form sentences.
He asks the usual questions, How do we know Jesus existed? Why is homosexuality bad? Where does evolution fit? And of course, if God is a loving God, why send sinners to Hell or even let bad things happen at all?
He doesn't just ask Christians or Christian leaders these questions though, he asks everyday people, Jewish Rabbis, Muslim leaders, scientists, and ex-members of the Mormon Church.

The real problem is that Bill Maher is a Negative Nancy, he didn't work on this documentary with the optimism to FUCKING LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE'S IDEAS. He doesn't believe in Faith, so all of these people's FAITH means NOTHING to him. He takes it and belittles it to their face.
I could tell Maher, Yeah, uhm... I guess I'd be called "Christian." I believe in God, or at least a God. I suppose Jesus is the savior, I mean, he was a prophet, but before him there was Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, and after there was at least Muhammad. So I'm sure if you believe in a prophet and a God and live a good life, yeah, you'll get to Heaven or whatever there is.
That asshole'd laugh in my face. Fuck him.
Almost all he presents to the viewer is negative imagery (seriously, 98% of the film). He doesn't show the plenty of Christians in the world who DO believe in God and perhaps even that evolution is real and gays and lesbians can get married and that the Bible is an awesome book but not entirely factual. He doesn't show the Jews that don't eat Kosher and actually do stuff on Saturday and don't wear a yarmulke. He doesn't show the Muslims, who mostly live by strict codes, don't turn East every day to pray and don't hate white people or America. He doesn't show Mormons who, yes, live by some pretty strict codes and the basis of their faith is a bit strange to say the least, they live insanely happy lives based on the fact they HAVE FAITH in God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I don't care what you believe. You can believe in the goddamn ridiculous Flying Spaghetti Monster for all I give a shit. But Bill Maher, that fucking asshole, that fucking Anti-Lewis Black motherfucker, he made a film where he does his best to denounce and trump everything any of us have ever put our faith in. God, Jesus, Muhammad, Allah, Santa Claus... all of it, defeated and then followed by sensational images of war, torture, and suicide bombings... kinda like a brainwashing video. "Hey kids! Look at all the WONDERFUL things Religion has given us! War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death! STARE INTO THE EYES OF CHAOS AND ANARCHY AND CHOOSE YOUR RELIGION."
Sure, those things are ongoing occurrences. They've been ongoing since, oh... 0 AD? Actually before that, yeah. Conquer a land, instill your religion. It's nothing new, Bill. Get over yourself.

I give Religulous 3 out of 10 Sky Cakes. It's worth watching, maybe worth keeping around on download. I mean, hey! It made me laugh but still, it's nothing to take to heart. Don't let this shithead tell you not to have your Sky Cake or Sky Cookies or Sky Baklava or whatever you want.
Oh, Sky Cake... why are you so delicious?

29th-Jun-2010 08:05 pm - The Boy Scouts of America
Fuck Ass You
On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and Country, to obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally fit, and morally straight.

Believe it or not, I was a Boy Scout. I spent more time in Cub Scouts, I was only an actual Boy Scout for about a month and a half. Then it was Summer and I was getting older and got tired that kind of extra responsibility. I don't recall the full rules for how to be a Boy Scout but I believe you have to complete at least three ranks of Cub Scouts and be of a certain age.
Now, my friend Tim actually was a Boy Scout and I wish I had him here as a reference tool. The entire time I knew him in high school and even a little bit after, he was a Boy Scout. Some people may have thought he was a geek or nerd for doing it, but that's a level of dedication that goes above just a hobby and a level of knowledge that hundreds of thousands of people just fuckin' don't know. Sure, I could make a fire with two sticks if I needed to, but I can make a much better fire with matches and I know how to build a fire pit. I kinda know how to tie a bowline knot. I get it about half the time. It's such a good knot that the Navy and Air Force use it to tie down planes and fuckin' ships, man. A lot of people use it to hang themselves. I think it was the knot Quint was trying to teach Roy Schneider in JAWS.
I can't really put up a tent, though.
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